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Vortragsreihe "Micro Energy Harvesting"

Page Vortragsreihe "Micro Energy Harvesting"
Page Energieversorgung von mikroelektronischen Sensormodulen über Funk
Page Microbial fuel cells and other bioelectrochemical systems for energy production and other value added products
Page Human++: wireless autonomous sensor technology for body area networks
Page Aktuelle Akku- und Ladetechnik
Page Nanostrukturierte Thermoelektrika: Von der Chemischen Synthese zum Physikalischen Modellsystem
Page Ferecrystals: Interwoven Compounds with Designed Nanostructure and Tunable Properties
Page Anwendungsoptimiertes Power Management in Energy Harvesting Systemen und erste Anwendungen
Page Development of Low-cost, Low-weight and Flexible Thermoelectric Converters
Page Hard-boiled Electrons: Using Thermionic Emission for Solar Energy Generation
Page Resonant Vibrational Energy Harvesting: In Search of Low Frequency, Improved Efficiency, and Wideband Operation
Page Cellobiose dehydrogenase - a versatile redox enzyme for bioelectrocatalysis
Page Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transmission Systems
Page Energy Harvesting - Energiegewinnung aus der Umgebung
Page Enzymatic Biofuel Cells: Explorations and Designs
Page Application in Energy Harvesting
Page Power management for microbial fuel cells
Page Utilization of Enzyme Cascades for Biofuel Cells: From Metabolism to Metabolons
Page Hybrid Silicon Nanowire: From Basic Science to Applied Nanotechnology
Page Reference materials for traceable measurements of the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity from 300 K to 900 K
Page Investigation of materials for solar energy conversion by surface photovoltage techniques
Page Untersuchung thermoelektrischer Transporteigenschaften von dünnen Schichten und Nanodrähten
Page Metabolic MRI: Fiction and Reality
Page Living Microbial Catalysts at Modified Electrodes for Applications in Sustainable Energy Production and Bio-processes
Page Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer for Autonomous Sensors
Page Waste made useful using Microbial Fuel Cells: bioenergy for practical applications
Page A Thin Film Thermoelectric Energy Harvester
Page Nonlinear Phenomena for Energy Harvesting
Page Mikrosystemtechnik mit intelligenten Materialien
Page Development of Inter-Digital Lithium Micro Batteries
Page Piezoelektrische Vibrations-Energiewandler
Page Fuel Cell Systems in Future Energy Supply
Page Energy Harvesting Technology in the Marketplace: Practical and Fundamental Considerations
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