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D.4 Wireless RF harvesting

PhD Student: Antwi Nimo

In situations where battery may not be applicable, wireless remote power supply through coupled electromagnetic fields remains the most common way to power wireless remote systems requiring microwatt power levels to operate. This power can be captured through the help of a receiving antenna and or other rectification circuits for powering the remote wireless system. The power level required by
the remote system is limited by the density of ambient electromagnetic waves available for the receiving antenna and the antennas efficiency among other things. The goals of this PhD thesis are:

  1. To investigate ways of maximizing the magnitude of power (voltage) to power the wireless system; e.g. Possible voltage maximization through antenna coupling with a high Q resonator
  2. Prove the necessary conditions and limits through theory and measurements required to deliver the maximum possible power (voltage) for the remote  microsystem for a given ambient microwatt power density.


d.4 wireless rf harvesting

Wireless RF Harvesting

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