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A.2 Electromagnetic vibration harvester

PhD Student: Clemens Cepnik

In his Ph.D. thesis Clemens develops an optimization strategy that enables to maximize the output power of electromagnetic vibration energy harvesters and to predict the harvester performance in an early development stage. Clemens investigates novel design approaches for flat as well as cylindricalhigh performance resonant harvesters. Utilizing the advantages of different fabrication technologies he will fabricate and test different prototypes. Their resonance frequency and output voltage shallbe adaptable to meet a broad range of applications.
By introducing a set of benchmark parameters Clemens wants to broaden the discussion on the potential of harvester designs and create apossibility to quickly evaluate the performance of harvester prototypes. Investigations on the impact of nonlinear electromagnetic coupling will contribute to the nonlinear phenomena and wide-band harvesting research.

a.2 electromagnetic transducer

Prototyp of an linear electromagnetic harvester

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